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–No software installation was needed. Just plug in the cables: one to your device and one to network cable.
–The important thing is that it can also power the equipment. In the setting, you can also configure to use the Ethernet and connect to your network.
–Supper fast & stable, connect your iPhone/iPad to the Ethernet by this adapter you will get a supper fast in speed and stable network when you surfing the internet or play games, no more buffer and disconnecting like Wi-Fi or LTE.
–With lightning to USB reader adapter, you can import the video from your camera/U disk/SD/TF directly into your phone, share your photos and video anytime, anywhere.

Tips for using:
–1. Disable Wi-Fi on your iPad or iPhone.
–2. Insert your router-connected Ethernet cable into RJ45 port of the adapter, and connect the lightning end to your iPad or iPhone.
–3. Press ”’Setting”’ of your iPad or iPhone, then you can find an Ethernet on your screen.
–4. Open Safari and check the network.

Compatible devices:
— System required: iOS 10.x (iOS 10.0.1- iOS 10.3.3) + iOS 11.x (11.0.1-11.0.3) — iPhone Models: iPhone X/iPhone 8 Plus/8/7 Plus/7/6s Plus/6s/6Plus/6/SE/5s/5
— iPad Models: iPad Pro/ iPad Air 2/ iPad Air/ iPad mini4/ iPad mini3/ iPad mini2

Attention please:
1. Make sure your USB device current is less than 100mah, otherwise will can not work normally. Such as current more than 100mah keyboards, USB flash, hub…
2. This adapter only support photos and videos one-way transfer from your digital camera.
3. The format of your photo’s must be in a root directory (DCIM) on the flash drive. The photo’s must be in the format (IMG_XXXX.jpg). If this is done, your photo(s) will appear on your iPhone and ready to be imported.


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