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Mini Joystick Game for iPad / Tab

Specifications :

Mini Joystick Game for iPad / Tab is a tactile game controller for iPad. It gives you ultimate control over any game that has an on-screen joystick.
Miss your console? Fling gives you the feel of an analog joystick, so your for iPad games feel even more immersive.
When the screen illuminates, Fling melts away and becomes practically invisible, so you’ll never miss any action on the screen.

Stop worrying about the controls and take your skills to the next level. Fling’s patent pending design provides auto-centering and force feedback. Once you start gaming with Fling, you’ll never go back.
The word is out: Fling just feels right.

Product Features :
Patent pending tactile interface for your for iPad.
Auto-centering for max control over your game.
Quick and easy suction cup attachment.
Includes a microfiber bag for on-the-go storage & 2 fli& 2 flings.
Manufactured from an incredibly tough, yet flexible resin, Fling will stand-up to energetic gamers of all ages.

Games seen in demo video include:

Pac Man (Make Sure to set control to “Joystick” in game options)
Edge (Make Sure to set control to Arrows in game option)
Reckless Racing HD
Ridge Racer
Dig Dug Remix
CubedRR HD
Space Blast HD
Galaga Remix
Babylonian HD
Monster Dash
Soosiz HD
MX Mayhem
Vector Racing

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